For two days, we are glad we could participate in one of the biggest tech and business events in Romania, Techsylvania, made in Cluj-Napoca. We introduced our start-up, Ufubo, and managed to interact with people from various industries who gave us feedback about our service. At the same time, we would like to draw the attention of investors who have also shown interest in being part of this ambitious project. Thanks to the organizers and those present, we are sure that we will meet at other events of this type.

We want to make our product is known to as many people as possible who can understand the service’s needs and usefulness. Regardless of whether we are talking about personal things, Ufubo acts as data insurance in the case of data of interest to the company. In the context in which there is a key person in the company, who has important data for the company’s activity, then Ufubo helps you to have a back-up to that data, and in case something happens to you, the company should not suffer due to lack of data, which you owned.