June 20, 2022, Wilmington, Delaware – CEO & Founder, Virgil Sorin Chiriac is delighted to announce the start-up of ufubo. ufubo is a cutting-edge product designed to keep digital or physical data-hard files secure. Much more than a digital vault or safe deposit box, ufubo is a personal confidant safeguarding the information that is important to individuals and their families.

According to Virgil, “I understood how useful this service can be after I lost a part of me when my big brother died in a car accident.” The user-friendly platform offers clients a secure method of maintaining their important data while also creating a reliable method of assuring loved ones can access that information should anything happen.

ufubo clients create an account, upload relevant data, and receive monthly checkups through a straightforward process. ufubo also offers multiple drop-off locations worldwide for hard copies. If the client fails to confirm their account, ufubo will send the information to the client’s relatives. As Virgil says, “we built a place where all people can have their own safe space for the things that are most important and valuable to them and their relatives.”

In addition to providing an invaluable service, ufubo does so at a reasonable cost, with Bronze, Gold, and Platinum packages available. Each plan provides a different level of cloud storage as well as features for keeping a digital vault.

ufubo is a startup founded by Virgil Sorin Chiriac, an innovator and entrepreneur with over 15 years of business leadership experience. He is a visionary product developer as well as a tech and marketing guru with a keen interest in technologies that solve problems and improve people’s lives by making things better, easier, safer, and faster for those around him. With the launch of ufubo, he demonstrates how technology can be used to explore solutions to people’s everyday problems and needs.

Likewise, Virgil and his team are dedicated to offering a valuable commodity – peace of mind. The ground-breaking ufubo is now in Beta production and will be available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. As the company moves forward with its business plan, the team is looking for investors, with a goal of raising $500K to fully fund its marketing plan.
To quote the ufubo website, “Things can happen unexpectedly, why not keep your data safe for you and your family.”

About ufubo: Developed by CEO & Founder, Virgil Sorin Chiriac, ufubo is an ingenious technology that keeps your most important data safe. The easy-to-use ufubo is “Much More Than a Digital Vault or Safe Deposit Box. Your personal confidant. Keeps safe the data that matters to you and your relatives.”