We built a place where all people can have their own safe space for the things that are most important and valuable to them and their relatives.

Our houses are often full of valuable things, and what we tend to overlook when it comes to our security is storing important data and documents. How often did you forget or lose a financial, estate, or health document, birth and marriage certificate, or even old photos, letters, and small collectibles like your Pokemon cards? How easy can you locate your most important things if needed?

Ufubo was created as an answer to our need, as well as the need of others like you and us, to keep away from intrusive eyes, and store safely and privately your most precious things and documents. You can give your relatives access to them when necessary. For as long as one needs it, even for the entire lifespan.

Your most valuable data are exposed all the time to unforeseen events that can be of all sorts, from someone breaking into your house, or passing away to simply forgetting their hideouts.

This is how Ufubo came to life. Ufubo is the personal confidant everyone wishes to have in moments like these. Ufubo will keep your private things private, and give you access to them whenever you want. Any data, physical and digital, you consider worth being kept secret or just stored in a secure place, you can deposit it at Ufubo. The safe space offered by Ufubo for your most important things is like creating a boundary that can be crossed only when you want it and by who you choose.

We’re not here to judge, we’re just here to offer you the one thing you really need: the confidant you trust implicitly with your physical and digital data.

Our mission at Ufubo is to offer you an adaptable, transparent, trustworthy, and remarkable repository for your most significant data at a revolutionary price while reinventing how people define a personal confidant. We guide people through an uncertain world.

Technology For a Careless Life.

Our life revolves around different circumstances, sometimes expected and other times unanticipated or sudden. Over the course of our life, we assemble a big chunk of information valuable to us and to those close to us.

Ufubo provides a meticulous digital and physical backup for the data meaningful to you and your relatives. We offer a unique system to verify, share and send the information stored with us.

Ufubo is a start-up founded by Virgil-Sorin Chiriac. Innovator and entrepreneur with 15+ years in business leadership. A visionary product developer, and a tech and marketing aficionado with a deep focus on technologies that solve problems and can change people’s lives by making things better, easier, safer, and faster for those around. Relentless optimist whose conviction is that technology can be used as an enabler to explore solutions to people’s everyday problems and needs.